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Our investment plan was devised keeping in mind all the levels of investors starting from a new investor to the most experienced and knowledgeable one. It is important however to always take your time before and analyse all the information provided in this website so you can make a rational decision.

By choosing to invest at Bitoise you are making the best decision of your life. Our simple pricing with competitive, reliable and fully transparent model, benefits from opportunity, knowledge and our years of experience.

Our investment plan is very simple to understand, very stable and and gives you guaranteed returns. Moreover, you can close your deposit anytime and withdraw your profits and principal amount any time instantly.

1.5% Daily For 90 Days
Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC

Deposit Is Returned After The Maturity. Principal Withdraw Available at Any Time After 1 Day With 10% Principal Withdraw Fee.

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Estimated profit calculation

When you select a plan, you can use our Profit calculator before you invest to see how much profit you gain and the amount of deposit that is needed to make profit in that amount, it is really easy to use and one of the most effective ways to control your investments!

It makes sense that you would want to know what you stand to gain or lose from it. Bitoise Profit Calculator is a simple tool that will help you determine your deposit's outcome and decide if it is favorable.

Please note: real result of the order is subject to change due to various factors such as the release of news. Different account types employ different table-accordion commissions and swaps and every position a different spread. The Profit Calculator does not take these values into consideration. Therefore, to get an accurate result, these values should be factored in manually. Profit calculator is really awesome tool we put at your disposition. If you have any questions sure to check our FAQ questions.